Light up your lifestyle with the exquisite collection of light up shoes, clothes and accessories

Lighupify, an online shoe store lures its customers with exhilarating LED shoes, sneakers, trainers and related glow up accessories for Men, Women and Kids.
United States- August, 2017
Lightupify is a one stop destination for all the floor breakers and party lovers. The e-commerce site is a hub for superior quality and finely designed LED shoes, clothing and accessories. The indigenous brand offers 500+ different products that are professionally designed for a next level look. The online store launches its extraordinary new range of high quality LED light up shoes to countries like US and Canada.
It is a treat for the eyes to have a view of the bright and colorful range of LED shoes for the happy feet. Shop for high quality leather wrapped, flashing USB rechargeable shoes that are waterproof, breathable and durable. Several other choices include high top, low top, sneakers and trainers with 7 LED color changing options that are app or remote controlled. The stylish and trendy shoes are made of rubber and polyester for better durability and flexibility. The soul of these shoes lies in the sole which consists of LED lights that are USB rechargeable. Simply charge it using phone’s charger and spread your magic for 6-8 hours. The LED shoes are a great choice for athletes, cyclists, runners and dance floor breakers.
This doesn’t end here! Find LED clothing like shorts, shirts for men; skirts, crop tops, leggings and more for women. Light up accessories include shoelaces, glowing flower crown, tie and likewise. Dazzle your look with these exciting metallic to glossy to matte colored LED shoes for the whole family.
The e-commerce site offers a 10-15% off on all available LED shoes and accessories available online. Along with this, avail free shipping on online shopping over $79.99 on selected products. Get quality guaranteed products at best rates. Shop online for advance featured LED shoes at affordable prices from toddlers to adults.
Fetch full details related to LED shoes from 24/7 professional customer care executives. Send your feedbacks to get mentioned on our esteemed blog. Avail exclusive 20-50% discount coupon that will be provided to our lucky customers. A special low price section is available which comprises of China made products. The online store is also indulged with China products that supplies cheap and reliable products that are pocket friendly.
Find your set of shoes that are bright, original and rational. In the trendy age where style plays a vital role in identity, a premium set of LED shoes will add a next level element to the personality. These lightweight shoes is a perfect blend of style and comfort. Visit the user friendly site and get that classic look with those elegant pair of light up footwear.
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Light up shoes have made a splash across the world. At Lightupify, get quality assured and tested products for the optimistic up and coming customers. James Wallace, the owner of Lightupify is an emcee catering goods and services to its trendy costumers and working in a relentless pursuit for premium quality LED wearables at best prices and offers.
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