Pulse Therapy and Learning Center Offers individualized Treatment Plans To Unfold And Develop individuality

Pulse Therapy and Learning Center
Villa 27 Al Raddi Street
Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971-43953848
Email: info@pulsecenter.ae

Pulse Therapy and Learning Center use their specialist skills and knowledge to evaluate and treat children and adults with conditions that affect speech. These conditions may be a result of developmental, psychiatric or emotional trauma. There are many disorders such as speech, language, pronunciation, reading, spelling and swallowing. They provide specialized high-quality and comprehensive therapy to their patients.

Pulse Therapy and Learning Center offers treatment for voice disorders, speech and language difficulties, troubled pronunciation due to deformity, dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties and learning delays.
Parents often focus on speech and language development as a milestone in a child’s early years. Communications both verbal and non-verbal are essential elements of learning. The primary goal is to identify children who have difficulties in speech, language and communication and treat them using innovative and individualized treatment plans.

Hansini Booklay, Medical Director at Pulse Learning Center states, “Our main goal is to improve communication through speech therapy. Each child is different so we believe the outcome of every child will also be different. It depends on their challenges and abilities. We aid children to improve their ability to express ideas, thoughts and feelings.”

The Center offers a range of learning services such as Davinci Bricks, Tahseen Child Enrichment Program and even the Tomatis Method which focuses on providing therapy through music to stimulate children with autism to improve their cognitive abilities.

Hansini Booklay further states that, “We offer tailored therapy programs to suit each individual’s specific needs. Our therapists will work closely with children and adults who are experiencing difficulties in learning to achieve success through these learning activities”.

Occupational therapists at Pulse Learning Center will work closely with parents to design a comprehensive therapy plan to target their unique needs and guide them to achieve every milestone.

About Us
Pulse Center is an educational and therapy life improvement center in Dubai. Established in 2007 the Center offers a wide range of services which include occupational therapy, speech therapy, listening therapy and psychology. Patients with various conditions such as learning difficulties, motor delays, speech difficulties, dyslexia and behavioural difficulties are welcome at the Center. The services are for children and adults. Pulse Center strives to create a stimulating environment where people are made to feel safe and secure, and where self-esteem is nurtured. For more information, visit their website on http://pulsecenter.ae/en/